City of Kent prepares to celebrate Fake Paddy’s safely


Nathaniel Bailey

Partygoers stand outside a house on University Drive during this year’s annual Fake Paddy’s Day celebration in Kent.

Alton Northup, Senior Reporter

Students cross Main St. during Fake Patty’s Day on Saturday March 12, 2016.

As Kent State’s annual Fake Paddy’s Day celebration makes a return, the city and university remind students to put safety and responsibility first.

While the forecast for the weekend predicts up to five inches of snow, the Kent Police Department still expects to see parties with up to 100 people. Because of this, an increased police presence across the city can be expected.

Fake Paddy’s Day has grown into our biggest partying event of the year,” said Kent Police Department’s Lt. Michael Lewis. “The police department will have extra staffing, and Kent State Police will likely be asked to accompany us to some student parties.”

Tricia Knoles is the KSU Police Department community resource officer.

The best way to ensure a successful night is to follow the rules.

“With events such as this some may choose to consume too much alcohol which may result in things such as disorderly conduct [and] underage drinking,” said Tricia Knoles, the community resource officer for Kent State Police. “It is our hope that our students have fun but make good choices and be responsible.”

Joan Seidel, Kent City Health Commissioner

The university also teamed up with the Kent City Health Department to canvas homes with pamphlets providing emergency information leading up to the festivities. Part of this was reminding off-campus students to be mindful of noise ordinances, trash and underage drinking – all areas where citations could be issued.

COVID-19 is also a concern for the department and while cases remain low and an uptick is not expected from the events, according to Kent City Health Commissioner Joan Seidel, the department encourages social distancing and getting a booster shot. 

Leaving a final message, Knoles hopes students can come together and make Fake Paddy’s Day a success just like years past. 

“Be safe, make good choices, and walk in groups,” she said.

Alton Northup is a senior reporter. Contact him at [email protected].