Best vegan/vegetarian dining

Zaria Johnson, editor-in-chief


Co-owners Stacey Lasher and Carl Bauer share a meal at GRAZERS Restaurant located at 123 N. Water St.  (Courtesy of Stacey Lasher)

GRAZERS is the local go-to spot for vegan and vegetarian patrons, and it stands out as a place where people can pop in for a flavorful, filling meal regardless of their dietary needs.

More than 90 percent of the GRAZERS menu features vegetarian meals, appetizers and desserts, and 75 percent of the menu can be made vegan and dairy free. But the restaurant still offers cage-free chicken and grass-fed steak for those looking for a meat alternative. 

“We wanted a place where everyone can eat together at the same place,” co-owner Carl Bauer said.

“And where no one would have to sacrifice,” added co-owner Stacey Lasher.

Try their vegan falafel feast with brown rice, falafel, peppers, etc. or grab a side of macaroni and cheese with their dairy-free cheese sauce for a vegan alternative.

Stop by Eastway Market & Metropolitan Deli or Rosie’s Diner each Tuesday and grab an order of GRAZER’s vegan chili, hummus or energy bites right on the Kent campus.

SECOND: Taco Tontos

Taco Tontos serves up fresh, homemade Mexican cuisine with vegetarian and vegan options across the board.

“I love being able to provide people with that happy experience and fill their tummies so they’re satisfied when they walk out,” co-owner Emily Yohn said.

The vibrant restaurant offers vegetarian burritos, tostadas, tacos and more with tofu and seitan served up as meat substitutes or vegan cheeses and their homemade vegan sour cream for dairy-free customers.

But they don’t stop there. The restaurant diverges from traditional, Mexican staples with unique, cultural specials like Korean Barbeque Wednesdays featuring tofu or seitan with rice, kimchi and Taco Tonto’s Korean chili sauce.

Most of the specials “are super popular with vegans and vegetarians” because they feature unique, homemade ingredients, Yohn said, like their Indian inspired yogurt sauce or the Banh Mi burrito with vegan Banh mayo.

THIRD: Troy Grille

Chef G prepares chicken kebabs for a to-go order at Troy Grille on March 19. Troy Grille won third place for best vegan and vegetarian dining. (Kaitlyn Finchler)

Troy Grille’s Turkish street food menu is loaded with meat substitutes to satisfy any craving.

From the falafel hummus veggie burger to their fried eggplant with grilled Cyprus cheese, Troy Grille manages to balance authentic ingredients with a care for vegan and vegetarian customers.

Immerse in a Mediterranean experience right on East Main Street for lunch or dinner, but be sure to save room for dessert, like their walnut or pistachio baklava or the turkish coffee brownies.