Best place to study

The Kent State Library was not only voted the number one place to study, but it’s also the tallest building in Portage County.  (Lillie Leasure)

FIRST: University Library:

For the ninth year in a row, University Library remains the favorite spot in Kent for students to study. With the long list of things included inside, such as the Starbucks and 12 floors for studying, this comes as no surprise to chemistry tutor Carolyn Carlson.

“It truly has so much to offer: multiple different floors for multiple different needs, quiet study floors if you need to focus and group study floors if you want to work with friends,” Carlson said. “It has places to get a snack, and it has resources like tutoring, so if you’re struggling with something there is a place you can go to help.”

Every floor of the library has a different study environment, with places such as the fourth and seventh floors being designated group study floors, and floors such as the third and sixth that remain quiet. This appeals to all kinds of students, no matter what conditions they prefer to study in.

University Library also houses offices for many different student resources on campus, such as OneStop, Student Accessibility Services, tutoring through the Academic Success Center and the Writing Commons, among others. No matter the need, the library has students covered.

Inside of Scribble’s Coffee Co. (Lillie Leasure)

SECOND: Scribbles Coffee Co.:

The perfect blend of caffeine and a smooth studying environment, coffee shops seem to be a favorite among college students, and Scribbles Coffee Co. checks all the boxes.

Downtown Kent’s women-owned and run coffee shop specializes in ethically sourced gourmet and organic coffee.

Although people love their coffee as well (see page 14), the dining room environment has become a student favorite when it comes to studying.

Scribbles’ website described the coffee shop as a “comfortable, welcoming place to sit and enjoy a hand-crafted drink.”

The warm, welcoming environment provides the perfect setting to allow students to successfully get their work done.

Students sit and do homework and drink coffee at Last Exit books in downtown Kent. (Sophia Lucente)

THIRD: Last Exit Books & Coffee:

Although Last Exit is typically associated with its calming interior filled with records, CDs, used books and more, Kent State students appreciate more than just the shopping.

The attached cafe and tables scattered around the rest of the store provide a calming study environment that students crave. The seating areas are typically full, which just goes to show how many students utilize Last Exit.

Last Exit is also conveniently located right off of Acorn Alley, making it just a quick walk or PARTA ride away.

Hannah Keil is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected].