Best place for under-21 crowd


Sophia Lucente

Bowling balls sit on the shelf at Kent Lanes while bowlers sit and eat appetizers waiting for their turn to bowl.

Hannah Keil and Zaria Johnson

FIRST: Kent Lanes

Kent Lanes is a family-owned and operated bowling alley on the east side of Kent. In addition to bowling,  Kent Lanes offers beach volleyball courts, a dining room, bar and event hosting. 

Nighttime manager Ed Miner credited the success of Kent Lanes to the Kent Community.

“We wouldn’t be here, and we wouldn’t thrive like we do if we weren’t in Kent,” Miner said.

While people of all ages enjoy bowling at Kent Lanes, the late-night specials appeal specifically to college students. They offer deals such as $10 unlimited bowling during the week from 9:30 p.m. until midnight. 

“We like to try to give back as much as we can to the people, they try to support us,” Miner said. “You come in trying to have a good time, and that’s what we try to give you.”

SECOND: Kent Plaza Theaters

The Kent Plaza Theaters is a local movie theater located at 140 Cherry St. in Kent. (Eman Abu-Khalas)

Located in the Plaza Shopping Center, Kent Plaza Theaters is well known to the Kent community. 

Because of its unique location, this theater is unlike most chains in setup as well as its overall atmosphere. Including luxury seating and delicious movie theater popcorn, the standards set by this independent theater are hard to beat. 

When looking for a great place to go on a date, take your parents while they are in town or have a fun girls night out, this might be the place. 

Playing most recent releases, their showing times are always available on the website for planning in advance.

THIRD (tie): Spins Bowl and Beverly J. Warren Student Wellness and Recreation Center

Spins Bowl is a bowling alley on the west side of Kent, although more locations can be found in surrounding areas. Most patrons go to Spins to bowl, but it also offers other attractions, including an arcade, kitchen and bar. 

Newly renovated, this bowling alley aims to attract bowlers of all ages and skill levels, said assistant manager Mark Miller.

“We’re just trying to create a good atmosphere for everybody to be in,” Miller said, “We have good prices, good staff and we’re just an overall really nice place to be.”

Outside of the Beverly J. Warren Student Recreation and Wellness Center located at 1550 Ted Boyd Drive in Kent, Ohio.

Tying for third, Kent State’s Beverly J. Warren Student Recreation and Wellness Center offers a variety of extracurricular classes and programs for students under 21 and families with younger children.

Try a hand at rock climbing or glow-in-the-dark cycling for a high-energy exercise session. Or take a minute for self care with a relaxing yoga or pilates session.

“We see a lot of people,” said supervisor Tyra Marrs.

The Recreation Center is a great place for students who want to stay active or even those looking to make new connections.

“Literally all of our staff is so friendly,” Marrs said. “Even if you don’t know anybody here, like if it’s your first time on campus, just keep … an open mind because … we met our friends here.”

Hannah Keil is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected].

Zaria Johnson is editor-in-chief. Contact her at [email protected].