Best on-campus food

Ty Kohler, Reporter

FIRST: Einstein Bros. Bagels

Kent State students wait in line at Einstein Bros. Bagels. (Matthew Brown)

Students can expect to see a long line of people in the morning waiting to get their breakfast sandwiches from Einstein Bros. Bagels. Einstein’s became a breakfast staple at Kent State 18 years ago.

“I’m so proud of the staff. We pride ourselves on our cleanliness and we want our staff to be proud of what they do,” Senior Manager Diane Johnson said. “When they work in a good environment, I think they take more pride in their work creating a better experience for everyone.” 

Johnson teared up with joy when she heard the news of the restaurant on the left side of the Hub placing. 

“I love working for the university. I work for the students, and I am here for them,” she said while choking up. “I’m proud to work for Kent State and just love the students. That’s why I care so much about this.”

SECOND: Rosie’s Diner

A Kent State student waits at the counter for his number to be called at Rosie’s Dinner. (Matthew Brown)

Rosie’s Diner, a meal exchange dining center, offers a little bit of everything. With burgers, pizza, breakfast and much more, with a market located right next to it, it is no surprise it became a popular spot for students.

“This means a lot to the staff here,” Senior Manager Kristin Burney said. “They’re fantastic. Most of the staff here are students so they take a lot of pride in being able to create an experience that other people enjoy.”

She credited Rosie’s late hours and diverse menu to why it is so popular among the students.

THIRD: Wild Blue Sushi

Wild Blue Sushi offers a unique meal to students with its selection of sushi rolls and ramen bowls, a meal you cannot find anywhere else on campus.

The restaurant in the Hub prides itself on its freshness as well as the high quality of the ingredients. Every meal is made daily. 

Wild Blue is also on a mission to create a more sustainable future with its seafood by using eco-friendly packaging and working with Fishery Improvement Projects and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program to determine environmentally friendly ways to catch fish.

Ty Kohler is a reporter. Contact him at [email protected]