Flash Foodies gives on-campus dining feedback

Ty Kohler, Reporter

Have you had a bad on-campus dining experience that you want to have fixed? Have you had a good experience you think needs to be the new standard? That is the goal of the campus group, Flash Foodies.

Flash Foodies logo (Courtesy of Kent State University)

The focus group started at the beginning of this year with the goal of bettering the on-campus dining experience.

“We just want as much feedback as we can get, so we listen to feedback about the food, the service or anything else,” Marketing Coordinator Kyle Reynolds said.

The group of roughly 25 students meet bi-weekly for an hour to discuss the dining hall experiences they have had recently. They also get to try new meals that may be put on the menu at the halls.

“It is a pretty loose format. Typically the students eat whatever meal is prepped for them that day, then we talk about it for 20 or so minutes,” Reynolds said.

The group already led to changes to the dining halls.

“Hours of operation was a big criticism that popped up last semester,” said Sommer Dunlevy, the assistant director of marketing. “We have expanded hours, taking that feedback and figuring out what the students want to see with it. We have grown from the feedback and will continue to grow.”

Students who are interested in the group can apply at the beginning of the school year and are expected to be active for the entire year. Email [email protected] with the request and the application form will be sent once it opens.

“We are looking for people who really want to invest in Culinary Services and make it better for everyone in the community,” Dunlevy said. “You do not need a meal plan. You can be a commuter. You just need to want to invest in it.”

The group will continue to limit its members to make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

Students who are not part of the group can still have their feedback heard. Culinary Services recently launched a program called “Text and Tell” for students to give their feedback and have a response in real-time. Students can either access a digital form to fill out or they can text 55744 to give their feedback. Just start the text with the location of the place, then give feedback.

Ty Kohler is a reporter. Contact him at [email protected].