Kent State students move back for spring semester

Kent State students on Sunday hauled their winter boots and new holiday goodies back into their on-campus dorms as they prepared for the start of the spring semester. Many students said they look forward to coming back to campus.

“It goes pretty smoothly,” said junior nursing major Justin Best about Kent State’s procedures for moving into the dorms. 

Cars parked outside the residence halls as students, parents and siblings began to move the student’s belongings into the buildings. Students carried baskets and boxes filled to the brim with clothes, laundry detergent and snacks. 

There were no movers present during the move in, leaving students to carry their belongings themselves. In the fall, Kent State has its Movers and Groovers program, where volunteers help make the move in transition easier on incoming students. 

Some students said they enjoy the independence of living in the dorms and find it to be a positive experience. 

“It’s good to be away, independent. Sorry momoh, she’s gone,” said freshman biology major Cameron Jones, as he looked over his shoulder. 

However, other students can’t help but notice drawbacks to dorm life. 

“There’s always something wrong with one of the (washing) machines” said Sarah Bukowski, a freshman nursing major.

Many students brought the expected items with them for the semester: clothes, notebooks, pens, ramen noodles and televisions. However, some also brought unique items that they said reminded them of home. 

Freshman biology major Cameron Jones brought a guppy and two Siamese fighting fish. Emma Greathouse, sophomore visual communication design major, took with her several tapestries, while sophomore architectural studies major Michaela Elliot brought lights for her dorm.

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