New communications add clarification to Flash Books Program

Zaria Johnson

Kent State’s Flash Books Program, which provides students with an online copy of textbooks and custom content for courses, updated the services that address issues such as communications with the program, course listings and opt-out clarification. The charge is automatically added to the students’ tuition bills at the beginning of the semester. 

“We have re-done all of the communications, so the email communications that students [and faculty members] get is much more detailed and specific,” said Barbara Boltz, the project director of the Division of Student Affairs.

While students are automatically enrolled in the Flash Books program, they can opt-out of the service. The opt-out date for the spring semester is Jan. 19.

Additionally, students can find helpful tips on accessing their e-books in their email, Boltz said.

“Things like using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, clearing your cache or disabling your cookies,” she said. “Those are some things that can clear up some of the basic issues that students might encounter.”

Other concerns or technical issues may be addressed in the Flash Books FAQ.

“It shows up in their student bill as ’Flash Book charge,’” Boltz said. “They can have financial aid pay for it … [or] they can roll it into a tuition payment plan.”

Students can find the Flash Books charge for their courses in their email, or on the Flash Books course list.

Students have access to their online course material through Flash Books regardless of the status of financial aid or loans, Boltz said.

“Regardless of whether they’re on the payment bill and they haven’t paid their bill yet … they have access to that course material,” she said. “It’s not dependent on what the status of their student account is.”

One of the biggest benefits of the Flash Books Program is the lower prices it offers, Boltz said.

“Between the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019, we saved about a million dollars for students over what a retail textbook would cost,” she said.

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