Division 1 hockey loses 11-1 to Davenport

Sofia Dlugo Sports reporter

Kent State University’s club hockey team played away at Davenport this evening and suffered an 11-1 loss.  The defense seemed to lack speed during Friday night’s game and could not keep up with Davenport’s quick offense that was strong in passing, as well as scoring.

Shea Spanier started as the goalie for the Flashes and stayed in the net until the end of the third period. While being in the net, Spanier made twenty saves and let in nine goals. Spanier is only a sophomore at Kent State, and played over 476 minutes on the ice this season. He has the second most time on the ice after Ben White.  

Spanier has a 0.875 save percentage this season and 246 saves.  He has 35 goals against him this season and averages a 4.41 goals against average this season.  

With a little over four minutes left in the third, a switch was made and White was put in goal for the remainder of the game. White was able to block all six shots he faced. White has the most playing time with over 488 minutes on goal this season. He has 279 saves with a save percentage of 0.861. White has had 45 goals against him this season and averages a 5.53 goals against average this season.  

Kent State was able to score one point courtesy of Hunter Hillebrecht. Forward Hillebrecht scored a goal in the third period against Davenport. He was able to get the puck just over the Davenport goalie’s blocking arm and into the net.  

Hillebrecht was able to give the puck just a little bit of extra power and height to score Kent State’s first goal of the night. Davenport came back from the goal Kent State scored and managed to score two more goals before the end of the game.  

Hillebrecht has six goals this season and nine assists to give him fifteen points this season. He averages two points per game and three penalties.  

Hillebrecht averages 0.64 points this season as well, putting him at the second-highest average points on the team, following closely behind Jacob Friedman who averages 0.73 points this season. Kent State ranks seventh in the division, right below Davenport who is ranked sixth.

Kent State will face off against Davenport Saturday Jan. 25th at 3:35 p.m.

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