Faculty Senate approves new academic forgiveness policy

Alton Northup, Reporter

Kent State University Faculty Senate voted unanimously to revise the academic forgiveness policy, along with approving a rebranding to grade point average adjustment.

Previously, the university’s academic forgiveness policy applied only to former Kent students who are returning to the university after at least one year of absence and allowed for all grades with a C or below earned during their previous enrollment to not count for hours earned and GPA.

The Faculty Senate anticipates the new policy will provide current students with an opportunity for more flexibility in their path to earning a degree, allowing them to retake alternative courses to replace up to six classes with a C- that are not in use for their academic program.

“The goal of this revision is to simplify the process and remove barriers for students to pursue goals. The biggest problem is that there are restrictions that would make candidates ineligible from the start,” according to the Faculty Senate meeting minutes. “There are situations where repeating a course isn’t a viable option – like when a student changes majors and no longer [needs] the course.”

Alternative courses will be used for GPA calculations rather than the ones being replaced; however, they will not count for the consideration of honors and financial aid.

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