Kent State hosts sold-out football Mega Camp for young athletes


Ty Kohler

A Kent State Football Ohio Mega Camp attendee gets ready to catch a throw.

Ty Kohler, Reporter

More than a hundred athletes met at Dix Stadium Saturday morning for the sold-out Kent State Football Ohio Mega Camp. The camp was for athletes ages 14-20 — or students entering ninth grade through their second year of college as of the fall semester — and took place from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The camp was not full contact and focused on football training skills and techniques.

The day started with offensive and defensive linemen on the field. They had two hours to compete in individual technique drills and then met to face each other one-on-one.

Once the linemen were done, the younger quarterbacks (graduating 2024 or later) ran drills with the running backs, tight ends and linebackers. They had the next two hours to focus on agility, short passes and finding the hole on run plays.

Older quarterbacks (graduating 2023) then met with wide receivers and defensive backs to run through routes and have one-on-one coverage.

At the halfway point of the camp, special teamers practiced their kicking.

The first three groups then each got another hour and a half on the field to run through the drills again.

The camp concluded after the second round of wide receiver and defensive back one on ones.

“It was a great time. It was great to be around a lot of coaches who were able to give you good feedback on what you need to work on and what you’re best at,” said Bryce Williams, a running back. “It also helped to get my name out there, meet some coaches from a few different schools and try and help me to get to the next level.”

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