Trinity Lutheran Church hosting ‘Lord’s Lunch’ for food insecurity


Berkeley Chadwick

Volunteers preparing meals at Trinity Lutheran Church in Kent on September 10, 2022

Grace Kindl, Reporter

Every Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to noon volunteers at churches throughout Kent gather at Trinity Lutheran Church for “Lord’s Lunch.”

Lord’s Lunch is a ministry hosted by Trinity Lutheran Church. On average there are 55-65 people who come to grab a warm meal.

This ministry is led by Jenn Hedge, the Faith Formation Coordinator at Trinity. Among her other responsibilities, she works with Kent Social Services, Kent Campus Kitchen and food banks to share food and make sure nothing is wasted.

In addition to a hot meal every week, Lord’s Lunch also gives away 50 $10 gift cards from Acme the second Saturday of each month on a first-come first-serve basis. Trinity also provides a sandwich along with the initial meal served to ensure guests have additional food to eat later on.

Christ Episcopal Church has been involved for roughly seven years and sent volunteers September 10. Among these volunteers is a family of four who bring their young children. Mother Elizabeth Kenyon said “I want them to learn the importance of serving the community.”

Guests of all ages are welcome to come and eat. Before COVID-19, the ministry was focused just as much on fellowship within the community as it was on providing meals. Guests were welcomed into the church’s gym to sit and eat while conversing with others.

In an adjusting environment, Trinity has switched to a to-go style. Guests are still welcome to chat and mingle outdoors as they wait for their food. Bob Ice, a guest of five years, enjoys spending time with other members of the community. “I come down here to talk amongst people,” Ice said.

Trinity Lutheran Church has also been adjusting to a new pastor. Their pastor retired February 2020 and members of the church started the call process over the course of the pandemic. Their new pastor, Eric Bodenstab, was called July 2022. In the time in between, Trinity had a variety of interim pastors. Bodenstab entering a permanent position has lifted a weight off of church members.

Hedge describes the process as she prepares for a vacation following the relief of some duties she picked up during the transitional period. “It’s one of those where I haven’t taken a big break or anything and been kind of a crazy person,” Hedge said.

For Kent State students who would like to get involved, Trinity is offering two paid internships to help with Lord’s Lunch. To apply for the internship or just volunteer, contact Jenn Hedge at [email protected].

Grace Kindl is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected].

Bob Glass, guest of Faith Formation, receiving his meal at Trinity Lutheran Church in Kent on September 10, 2022 (Berkeley Chadwick)