Eastway bowling alley closes due to low participation


The bowling alley located underneath Eastway Dining Hall was announced to be closed for the year. 

Kent State Student Services and Dining Services decided over the summer to close the bowling alley in Eastway because of low participation, said Gary Goldberg, assistant vice president of Student Services.

Goldberg said that participation was declining every year to the point where many felt like it wasn’t worth it to keep it open. The bowling leagues and some organized activities that used the facility started moving to Kent Lanes because it had more space than the Eastway bowling alley, he said.

“Bowling teams and leagues that once utilized our facility moved to Kent Lanes, as it provided the number of lanes and services that they needed that our venue did not have,” Goldberg said. “Whatever regulations these leagues require probably had to do with number of lanes.”

Goldberg said there will be a discussion this spring to determine the future of the bowling alley.   

“It is possible that the decision (will) change in the future,” Goldberg said. “We would always be interested in student perspective.” 

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