Gift Guide: Squirrel City Jewelers

Squirrel City Jewelers offers a variety of unique jewelry. The store, which opened in downtown Kent in March 2019, is “something between (an) art gallery and jewelry store,” said owner Michael Faehnel.  

“Most of our inventory is unique and one of a kind,” Faehnel said. “There is something here you cannot get anywhere else or there is a good chance you cannot even get it here again.” 

The most popular special during the holidays is the black squirrel line. Many people give items from this line as gifts to people who attended Kent State and love the city of Kent. Other popular items include hand-built watches by artist Alex Draven. 

“I’ve been here since 1999,” Faehnel said. “Since then I worked in the retail industry before I graduated from Kent State with a degree in fine arts. I spent a long time with the people here and everyone is putting an amazing effort in creating downtown Kent. I love being part of it.”

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