Rocco’s Cupcake Cafe to open in Downtown Kent 2023


Rocco’s Cupcake Cafe is coming to downtown Kent. Originally an online e-commerce business, owner Michela Rocco is opening up a storefront in early 2023. Rocco’s is just one of several small businesses coming to Kent in the coming months, a new plant store opened a few weeks ago and plans are in place for a cake pop bakery as well. But it’s not all sugar and spice; Michela wants Rocco’s Cupcake Cafe to be more than just a bakery. Rocco wants the cafe to be a place where Kent State students and Kent residents can relax, host meetings and of course enjoy baked goods. While opening her brick-and-mortar is exciting there is something more unexpected Michaela is excited for. As a Phi Mu alum, Rocco wants to become involved with sororities and fraternities on campus to help with philanthropy. Rocco was a special education teacher until one day, she decided she needed a career change and now she’s inspiring others. TV2’s Olivia Sharp reports.