Kent Cheesemonger

Kent Cheesemonger 

Kent Cheesemonger, owned by Tim and Michelle Sahr, is a cheese and wine shop located in Acorn Alley and sells a wide range of cheeses, crackers and wines. 

In its fifth year of business, Tim Sahr said the shop gains business during the holidays as shoppers look for different cheeses and wines to bring to family gatherings.

The shop sells more traditional cheeses like cheddar and gouda, but also has a large variety of specialty cheeses to choose from.  

This year, Kent Cheesmonger is selling a cheese called Harbison, which is a cow’s milk cheese that comes from Vermont. 

Sahr’s favorite is a cheese called Vacherin, also a cow’s milk cheese. 

“I’ve wanted this cheese in my shop since we’ve opened … It’s one of the classic fall, early winter cheeses, it’s just fantastic,” Sahr said.

Between college students, locals and visitors passing through, Sahr said each person who goes to the cheese shop is looking for something different. 

Sahr said cheese and wine is a great item to bring to a party because“it’s a gift and everybody gets to share and enjoy it.”

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