League of Women Voters informs citizens before Election Day

The first week of November – it sometimes brings snow, it sometimes brings sun, but something it always brings is Election Day. Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to vote in the US, but in the 2016 Presidential Election only 56% of Americans headed to the polls. The letters, signs, and campaign commercials seen throughout the year can sometimes scare voters into thinking they can’t find unbiased information about who to vote for.

That’s where organizations like the League of Women Voters come in. Volunteers like Jen Kinney, the Voter Service Chair, help organize information for voters so they know what to expect before Election Eay rolls around.

“We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization that really works to advocate for voting rights and empower our community of voters to take our power to the polls,” Kinney.

The League compiles information about candidates and issues both nationwide and locally and creates a Voter’s Guide to help educate voters.

“We always publish our Voters Guide every election, which is this community’s resource for nonpartisan information about the issues on the ballot as well as comparison points on the candidates they can find on the ballot as well,” says Kinney.

Vote411.org is the headquarters for the Voter’s Guide as well as other resources to get voters up to speed before Election Day.

“At this website you can register to vote, check your registration status, find your polling location, and actually find a personalized ballot so that you can feel prepared and informed before heading to the polls,” says Kinney.

The League of Women voters collaborates with the Kent State Votes organization here on campus to encourage students to use their voice in upcoming elections.

“We feel like it’s the most important thing we can do as the League of Women’s Voters in sharing non-partisan information to make people feel better about the decisions at the ballot box,” says Kinney. “I think it’s a really great resource for voters who want just that unbiased, nonpartisan information to make sure that they make an informed vote.”

Maddy Haberberger is a TV2 Reporter. Contact her at [email protected].