KSU alumnus’ family farm impacted by East Palestine train derailment

TV2 Staff

Matthew Brown, Photo Editor

Jesse Gettemy, a KSU alumni who graduated in 2017, was home visiting his family in East Palestine, Ohio when the train that derailed Feb. 3 experienced a controlled explosion yesterday evening.

Town residents within a one mile radius were evacuated following the explosion.

“Nobody knows when they can return home. If it’s safe to be home. If it’s safe to drink the water. If it’s safe to take a shower,” Gettemy said.

The Gettemy family worries for the future of their farm, which has been in their family for almost 100 years. They fear the land will no longer be safe for growing crops or raising livestock following the derailment, as concerns rise about possible chemical contamination.

Norfolk Southern took three days to inform residents of the train’s contents. Residents have found themselves left in the dark as they’ve been forced to move out of the town until officials deem it safe to return.

“A lot of these people don’t have the resources available to them to just pick up and go,” Gettemy said.