Olson Hall to host ‘Who Knows Their Roommate Best?’ social event

Olson Hall residents can learn something new about their roommate at Thursday’s “Who Knows Their Roommate Best?” event.

All fourth-floor female residents are required to attend the event in the lounge and will be asked questions to test how well they know their roommates. 

“When the residents arrive, there will be pizza and juice for them,” said Tory Wenson, a resident assistant at Olson Hall. “After refreshments, residents will sit apart from their roommate, and I will give them a pen and paper to answer seven to ten questions about their roommate.” 

Once all the questions are asked, residents will come together and compare answers. Whichever pair of roommates has the highest number of correct answers will win a prize provided by Wenson. 

Resident assistants are required to plan events throughout the semester to encourage community engagement and involvement. 

The event will be a great way for roommates to bond, said Wenson. 

“The event will get roommates to interact before, during, and after the event,” Wenson said. “Even if they don’t get all the questions right they can still learn something about their roommate that maybe they didn’t know before.”

For more information about the event, contact Tory Wenson at [email protected].

Contact Andriana Ruscitto at [email protected].