Football sidebar- President Diacon and his wife fondly remember Wisconsin

President Todd Diacon met and began dating his wife, Moema Furtado, while both were studying at UW-Madison. 

It’s been a “quarter of a century” Diacon joked, since he or Furtado visited UW-Madison. 

“The University is very different,” Furtado said. “With new buildings, and the downtown is very different, but we have a good time. 

Their memories from Wisconsin include a big football win. 

“I can remember the day Wisconsin beat Michigan in football,” Diacon said. “And they were not very good in football, so I can remember that.”

The travel to get to Wisconsin doesn’t give either a lot of time to enjoy their alma-mater, but if they have time, they plan to enjoy the campus and the city. 

“The university is set up around the beautiful lake,” Furtado said. “It’s a beautiful city.”