Slovenia in 48 hours (A MAG)


Ljubljana Old Town in Slovenia. 

Lydia DiMeolo

The foothills of the Alps, the Adriatic Coast, a lively city center, enchanted castles all found in one little country wedged between Italy and Croatia. 

Slovenia, without a doubt, is the hidden gem of Europe, unknown to most about its stunning beauty. Not overwhelmed with loads of tourists and beautiful every season of the year. You could spend weeks in this little country, exploring all its beauty and hidden secrets. But if you’re given the opportunity to spend 48 hours in Slovenia, don’t pass it up.  

Day 1

Start your morning with a walk on one of the many trails marked throughout Slovenia. A popular choice is Vintgar Gorge. Follow the emerald green water and the jagged cliffs to take in the beauty of the nature around you. From here, drive 15 minutes to one of the most iconic spots of Slovenia: Lake Bled.

A crystal clear lake surrounded by mountains and an island in the center. You can rent a rowboat or paddleboard and make your way around the lake and to the island. Explore the church situated on the island and sip on a cappuccino at the top as you soak it all in. 

Day 2

On your second day in Slovenia, head to Piran, a quaint city on the Adriatic coast. Take a dip in the blue waters. Take in the sights of the charming little beach towns while eating some apple strudel, a common Slovenian dessert. For the second part of your day, head over to the Postojna Cave Park and take a tour through these massive caves. Don’t forget a jacket because it is 10 degrees Celsius year-round inside the caves. From here, take a short drive over to the Predjama Castle, the largest castle that is built into a cave. This is definitely a picturesque spot and the views from inside the castle are amazing.

Finally, to end your time in Slovenia, go to Ljubljana, the capital city. Old town Ljubljana is filled with restaurants and quaint shops lining the Ljubljanica River. If you happen to be there on a Friday night, make sure you find yourself at the Open Kitchen Market. Here you will find more than 30 different fresh food options of all different nations being prepared. Trust me, it will be hard to choose! Then, end your time by walking up the trail to the castle that sits on top of the hill overlooking the whole city of Ljubljana. Sip on a delicious cocktail and watch the sunset over the city.  

Lydia DiMeolo is an abroad contributor at A Magazine. Contact her at [email protected].