Kent State Division III hockey defeated in home opener

Penalties caused the team to lose its home opener against the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Saturday afternoon (7-2). 

Coach Zack Nowak said having so many penalties on their side made it hard for them to get into a rhythm because they were always on the penalty kill.

“Today we took a ton of penalties,” Nowak said.” The overall message today was to be a good teammate. Supporting each other on the bench and on the ice. We need to make decisions that have the team in mind.”

Freshman forward David Demarco put Kent State on the board in the first period to respond to two early goals from Pittsburgh. 

Penalties took over the second period allowing Pittsburgh countless power play opportunities.

Kent State’s Jordan Eurenius responded to Pittsburgh goals, but the team was unable to fight back for a win.

“We want to put them in positions to make better decisions,” Nowak said.  “I don’t want them throwing the puck away and I want them to raise their awareness towards how they can use the boards to make plays.”

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