Letter to the editor: Assault rifles

Blake Smith

Dear Editor,

Control over our nation’s firearms is a topic that divides the American population. Any kind of reform or compromise has shown to be unattainable in the imminent future. Because of this recent indifference and inaction, I believe it is best to reinforce concern over the availability of assault weapons to the American public.

With the number of firearms owned nearing 10 million, it’s imperative that the general population is informed on the importance and logic of restricting the sale of these specific firearms.

As an undergraduate student I have researched this issue and I believe the solution is one of common sense. Only around 3 percent of guns manufactured in the United States are semi-automatic weapons, yet the far majority of mass shootings in the United States are carried out by these firearms.

I urge the Kent Stater to consider publishing statistics and information to help inform the public on why banning assault rifles is necessary for our protection.

We have a right to own firearms and to use them for self-defense, hunting and property protection. Why do we need weapons designed specifically to kill as many people as possible, as fast as possible?

Yours sincerely,

Blake Smith

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