One Step At A Time: The best seat in the house


My brother Mitchell and I at AEW Dynamite in Pittsburgh. 

Michael Reiner Columnist

Anyone who knows me knows I love professional wrestling. 

My brother Mitchell and I use wrestling as a way to keep our relationship strong. We go to every local show, we listen to podcasts and we watch wrestling from all different companies religiously. Mitchell enjoys it, but wrestling is my unwavering passion. It keeps me going and it is one of the many things I love and care about. 

We have been to countless WWE shows, but there is a new company in town: All Elite Wrestling (AEW). It has been around since this past January and it is now the first legitimate competitor the WWE has had in nearly 20 years. 

Mitchell and I went to their live televised event, AEW Dynamite, on Oct. 23 at the Peterson Events Center in Pittsburgh. Tickets have been selling fast for their events, so we jumped on the first tickets we could find. 

Our seats were in Section 108, Row W. It was the very top row of the lower deck of the arena. Before the event we were worried we were going to have lackluster seats. 

Boy, were we wrong. 

Halfway through the first hour, we heard the crowd yelling during one of the tag team matches. One of Mitchell’s favorite wrestlers of all time, Chris Jericho, and his group of villainous henchmen, The Inner Circle, (Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz) were headed up to the luxury box. 

The luxury box was directly next to our seats. We were losing our minds — in a good way, as this was our chance to see the people we idolize up close and personal. Jericho and company were bad guys, otherwise known as heels. They were popping champagne (the bubbly) and throwing popcorn at the fans sitting below. 

The very next segment was where the business truly picked up. (Cody, the top good guy, or babyface, in AEW) came to the ring to cut a promo for his upcoming match with Jericho for the AEW world championship at the next pay-per-view.A promo is an interview that promotes a match that will happen later.

Cody and Jericho talked trash to one another until Cody decided to head up the stairs to fight the bad guys. He brought Dustin, MJF and DDP with him and the fight between both groups spread throughout the arena.

The crowd was going crazy and Mitchell and I were able to reach out and touch the arms of Cody and his group as they were heading up the stairs.  

Mitchell and I got to witness arguably the best AEW segment so far. I had an amazing time with him and my friends Kyle and Ben. If you have ever considered watching a pro-wrestling event, maybe it’s time. Check out WWE, NXT, AEW or any other pro-wrestling this coming week.


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