Who Knows Their Roommate Best? social event brings roommates together

Olson Hall’s fourth-floor lounge was buzzing with laughs and smiles at the Who Knows Their Roommate Best? Event on Thursday night.

Female fourth-floor residents gathered in the lounge to enjoy refreshments and compete against each other to see who knows their roommate best.

Tory Wenson, resident assistant at Olson Hall and organizer of the event, told residents to sit apart from their roommates while she handed out pens and papers to residents, which they used to answer the roommate questions.

Wenson started the quiz with a simple question, “What is your roommate’s favorite color?” followed by complicated questions such as, “How many credit hours is your roommate taking?” and “What is your roommate’s favorite genre of music?”

After Wenson asked ten questions, residents paired up with their roommates to compare answers.

Freshman roommates and visual communication design majors, Emma Lentz and Jordan Edgar won the competition getting nine questions right, winning a Kent State tumbler cup.

“I got to show off my roommate and get to know her better,” Edgar said. “I would go to another event like this, it was a lot of fun.”

Lentz liked the idea of having a competition between residents and thinks events like these are a great way to bring the community together.

“Even though there’s not a lot of people here, the event got us out of our rooms and talking,” she said. 

This was sophomore psychology major Olivia Slusser’s first time at a resident social event and she enjoyed learning more about her roommate.

“I liked that this was a way to see how well I know the person I’m living with,” she said. “I also enjoyed having pizza and socializing with other residents.”

The goal of the event was to promote community involvement, Wenson said.

“Getting residents to interact with each other creates a sense of community in the residence hall,” Wenson said. “Most residents are first year students or they’re far from home and these events let residents know they’re living in a community where they’re cared about.”

The next event will be a craft night where residents will create goal-oriented vision boards, Wenson said. It is expected to happen sometime next month.

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