COSO holds Commuter Appreciation Week

This week, Oct. 21-24, is Kent State’s annual Commuter Appreciation Week.

Commuters make up 80 percent of the Kent State student body – what some may not know is that a commuter is considered anyone who doesn’t live on campus; meaning, those who live in off-campus apartments are also considered commuters.

The Commuter and Off-Campus Student Organization, or COSA, represents the commuter population here at Kent. According to Victoria Cantini, the marketing and public relations chair, COSO is using Commuter Appreciation Week as an opportunity to recognize students who commute and promote opportunities and resources offered to commuters. 

“We just think it’s important that we let commuters know that they are an important part of our campus culture, and help make sure they know about all of the access they have, particularly here at Kent,” said Cantini.

As a commuter herself, Cantini thinks that COSO is a great way for students to stay active and up-to-date with campus happenings even if they don’t live on campus.

“So many people do commute, and if you commute you’re not on campus all the time so you can feel left out and not involved,” said Cantini. “A big part of college is staying involved and getting the best out of your four or five years here.”

Not only does COSO offer support to commuter students, but they also provide resources to students who plan on moving off-campus in the future. They also use their platform to ensure the safety of students who drive to campus. 

“Let’s say there’s a pothole on Summit and someone tells us about it – we can contact the university so they can contact other people to get it fixed because it does affect people when the road conditions aren’t good,” Cantini said. “That’s a big thing we do.”

For more information about COSO and the events they have planned for Commuter Appreciation week, visit their website at

Maddy Haberberger is a TV2 reporter – contact her at [email protected]