Kent State calls off field hockey game for football game

The University of Maine’s field hockey team released a statement on Twitter.

Gina Butkovich

Updated on Sept. 9 to include official responses from the University of Maine Director of Athletics Ken Ralph, Temple University’s Director of Athletics Dr. Patrick Kraft and the National Field Hockey Coaches Association.

Updated to include official response from the University of Maine.

A field hockey exhibition game between Temple University and the University of Maine was declared a no contest after representatives from Kent State, came onto the field and called off the game in order to allow the Kent football game to begin on time. 

A tweet from the University of Maine field hockey team’s Twitter account said “Well… that’s a new one,” and indicated the game was in a second overtime period when it was called so the noon football game could take place as scheduled.

University of Maine’s Director of Athletics, Ken Ralph, made a statement in regards to the field hockey game. 

The statement reads, “prior to the contest we were made aware of timing issues regarding pre-game football activities. While we would have greatly appreciated the opportunity to play the final 10 minutes of our contest, the KSU administration made the decision they felt was most appropriate.”

Field hockey games are played at Murphy-Mellis Field, while the football team plays next door at Dix Stadium. According to University of Maine field hockey player Riley Field’s Twitter, the teams were asked to clear the field in order to fire off fireworks for the football game. 

Kent State issued a statement via the field hockey Twitter account.

The statement reads,”We regret today’s game had to be stopped during overtime play per field guidelines as previously discussed. We recognize the hard work and dedication of all student-athletes. The safety of our community, including student-athletes and visitors is always our first consideration.”

It’s unclear at this time what “field guidelines” the tweet is referencing. 

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