Our view: Fireworks or field hockey?

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Kent State took a huge hit in the world of public opinion when they suspended play of a field hockey game. 

The reason for the suspended game? According to comments made by players on the University of Maine’s team, their field was going to be used for a firework show for the Kent State football team’s home opener.

The University of Maine and Temple University were in the second overtime when the game was called off. Both Temple and Maine traveled over 300 miles to play at Kent State and were asked to leave the field before they were able to finish their game. 

The length of overtime in college field hockey, as of 2018, is 10 minutes, according to the NCAA website. It is uncertain whether the extension of the field hockey game would have affected the start of the football game or the pregame fireworks, so the reason for calling off the game is unknown. 

Even though Kent State’s field hockey team was not the one playing, Kent State’s athletic department is still responsible for the mishap. 

No matter what sport a student athlete plays, it requires many hours of practicing, working out and traveling to games. It is not an easy commitment to make and takes a lot of sacrifice from the athlete. When it comes time to put all their hard work into action during a game, not being allowed to finish the game is unfair.