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Growing Democracy Project

Two KSU Professors play a lead role in ‘Growing Democracy’

Izzy Stewart Reporter June 22, 2021

Ashley Nickels and Casey Boyd-Swan not only spend their time educating Kent State students but have also created an educational project that reaches local and national populations. They launched The Growing...

GUEST OPINION: Political involvement and the 2020 election

What it means to vote often varies from person to person. For some people, it actually means nothing, and they argue that our political system is completely dominated by the “elite.” In another sense,...

Democrats: Free speech is powerful; use it carefully

Jessica Kukura November 8, 2017

Free speech should not be restricted or censored and should be held to high esteem by the speaker, endeared as a powerful tool.American society relies on a free market of thoughts, but when thoughts are...

Lucas Misera

Opinion: Superdelegates contradict democracy

Lucas Misera April 10, 2016

A quirk in the Democratic National Convention’s method of electing the party’s presidential candidate is proving to be a burden on democracy.The DNC features superdelegates—a lesser-known element...

Women’s Activism workshop centers on listening, healing

Skye McEowen May 3, 2015

Females from all walks of life got together in the Student Center on Saturday to speak about women’s activism, how they perceive it and how it relates to the events of May 4 at the May 4 Task Force’s...

Mike Richards is a senior English major and a columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact him at

Opinion: How to properly hold an argument

Mike Richards December 4, 2014

Let me paint a familiar (and timely) scene for you: You sit down at your computer after a long day of staring at your TV. You open up Facebook because staring at your smartphone has become tiring, I understand....

Honors college students to host legislative workshop

Drew Jones April 21, 2014

A class of student from the Honors College will be conducting a Legislative Theater Workshop, a democratic, theatrical way of creating laws and polices, on Wednesday in the Oscar Ritchie multi-purpose...

Guest Column: Government for sale to highest bidder

Dan Thomasson April 7, 2014

WASHINGTON—Look for this advertisement on TV, your local newspaper and online in the not too distant future:"For sale at auction: 535 Seats in the U.S. Congress, 100 in Upper House and 435 in Lower Chamber....

Haoran Li is a junior communications studies major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. He can be reached at

Opinion: Ukraine, the dilemma of external and domestic affairs

Haoran Li March 3, 2014

Ukraine’s president, Viktor Yanukovych, was ousted from power several days ago.The country’s recent political uprising can be traced back to November last year, after Yanukovych had decided to have...

Author Parker J. Palmer speaks about democracy in the African Community Theatre at Oscar Ritchie Hall, Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014.

Writer, activist takes democracy to heart

Drew Jones February 18, 2014

Parker J. Palmer, a world-renowned writer, speaker and activist, spoke Tuesday night in the African Community Theater in Ritchie Hall.“American democracy, is it dead, or alive?” Palmer asked at the...

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