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Campus Views: Kent State High Power Rocket Team soars to new heights

Campus Views: Kent State High Power Rocket Team soars to new heights

Savannah Vinkler, Guest Columnist March 2, 2023

The Kent State High Power Rocket Team, also known as Golden Flashes Rocketry, began in 2016 and has successfully launched a competition rocket every year since. The team consists of two sectors: senior...

Microaggressions are a distraction

In a 1967 interview, the African-American novelist Ralph Ellison denounced the commonplace idea that blacks had been permanently "damaged" by slavery, segregation and institutional racism. Instead, Ellison...

Guest column: We should make “going to college” like hiring a contractor

Stuart M. Butler, Los Angeles Times November 22, 2015

With a bachelor's degree now being the must-have job credential, pressure is mounting to find ways to make college more affordable.Most proposals to improve access for low-income students focus on tweaking...

Guest Column: Dare to disagree

Guest Columnist Andrew Rogers September 7, 2015

In my view, the objective of a collegiate education is to challenge pupils’ existing perceptions of the world, thus fostering a healthy sense of academic skepticism for them to carry into the world when...

Guest Column: Parents have had enough of testing regimen

Lindsey and Mark Meili March 11, 2015

Governor Kasich:The parents of Ohio have had enough. We have had enough because we are sick and tired of our children being over-tested, of teachers spending hours and days teaching our children to a test...

Guest column: One less excuse to ignore climate change

The Sacramento Bee November 23, 2014

Opponents of strong and necessary action on climate change like to say that it doesn’t matter what we do because China is spewing greenhouse gases like there’s no tomorrow. They’ll have to flail...

Guest column: Teachers are not the enemy

Ryan Kreaps November 17, 2014

I will be the first person to tell you I have had my fair share of bad teachers. Some were detrimental to my learning. Although I’ve had a decent amount of bad teachers, I have also had many good and...

Guest column: Heed the UN’s climate alarm

The News & Observer November 5, 2014

On the eve of a midterm election that has focused on little of substance, a United Nations panel issued another grim warning about what matters most of all: climate change.The report from the Intergovernmental...

Guest column: Correcting the Conversation on Islam

Andrew Keiper October 15, 2014

A debate between Bill Maher, Sam Harris and Ben Affleck on Maher’s HBO Real Time show went viral more than two weeks ago. Throughout the debate, Maher and Harris suggested that it is a liberal responsibility...

Guest column: Feminism not gender specific

Andrew Roger October 1, 2014

I’m a man in my early twenties, and I’m very familiar with both the fervent passion that drives people to identify as feminists and also the denial that plagues most men to denounce the term.Feminism...

Guest column: For schoolchildren, eating well is learning well

Urban School Food Alliance September 7, 2014

Serving food to students is what we do. As the Urban School Food Alliance, we represent six of the largest school districts in the nation (New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Dallas and Orlando),...

Guest column: Presidential search committee’s privacy is inexcusable

Jody Michael April 27, 2014

In the Stater’s April 21 editorial, “The worst public transparency crisis since the last time around,” one particular quote deserves further response.Presidential search committee member Owen Lovejoy...

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