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Our View: Anticipate specifics in Warren’s ideas

Editorial Staff November 22, 2015

President Beverly Warren delivered what she dubbed her first State of the University Address last Thursday, outlining the progress the university has made in the last year. The speech - listed in text...

Our View: Humanity during the inhumane

Stater Editors November 15, 2015

At least 132 people were killed in six coordinated attacks throughout Paris late Friday night. Hundreds more were injured, and thousands were terrified as at least eight attackers with connections to The...

Our View: Nat Geo’s unfortunate cutbacks

KS Editors November 4, 2015

The National Geographic Society of Washington is laying off about 180 of its 2,000 employees, or about 9 percent of its workforce.The announcement comes after the organization sold its magazine, and its...

Our View: No Trigger Warning for this dog owner

KS Editors October 27, 2015

Over the weekend, a woman in Indiana on a hunting trip was shot in the foot at point-blank range with her own shotgun. There was no one else there, save for some waterfowl and her trusty Labrador retriever...

Our View: Chill out, it’s just college sports

KS Editors October 18, 2015

America, as a whole, loves its sports. It’s one thing to have the community feeling of rooting for a team, that mutual feeling of a common bond with thousands of people you don’t truly know. It’s...

Our View: John Boehner made the wrong move

Kent Stater editorial board September 27, 2015

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) shocked the nation when he abruptly resigned from Congress on Friday. He said resigning has been on his mind for a while, but after praying with the Pope on Thursday,...

Our View: Not #upforwhatever

KS Editors April 29, 2015

Summary: We are not up for whatever. We should be up for making real change and helping to prevent sexual assault, not encouraging it with catchy slogans. In 2013, we had Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,”...

Our View: Who says Earth Day can’t be every day?

KS Editors April 22, 2015

Summary: Even though Earth Day has come and gone, that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate it every day. As college students, we sometimes forget to stop and smell the flowers, except on Earth Day....

Our View: Sports Illustrated curse not enough to deter Cleveland optimism

KS Editors April 8, 2015

When Sports Illustrated announced its Major League Baseball World Series picks on March 27, Cleveland fans were abuzz as the major media outlet put its confidence in the Cleveland Indians to win the league’s...

Our View: Offer support for Kent State athletics

KS Editors April 1, 2015

Summary: While NCAA March Madness is one of the most exciting sporting spectacles of the year, ignoring our school’s athletics program isn’t fair.Over the last month, millions of people have watched...

Our View: University attempts at openness not yet met need

KS Editors March 18, 2015

Summary: At about 2 p.m. Wednesday, students received an email from Kent State President Beverly Warren sharing that two of Kent State’s vice presidents will be leaving Kent State.While most students...

Our View: SAE chants not reflective of work done on our campus

KS Editors March 11, 2015

Summary: After the leaked video of University of Oklahoma surfaced, many blamed the entire fraternity of SAE, but this blame is unwarranted and should not be applied to Kent State’s chapter — or other...

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