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US soldiers operate an M1A1 Abrams tank during a training exercise in Bemowo Piskie, Poland, on November 25, 2022.
Staff Sgt. Matthew A. Foster/US Army National Guard

US to begin training Ukrainian forces on Abrams tanks next month

Haley Britzky, CNN April 24, 2023

CNN– The US will begin training Ukrainian forces on how to operate Abrams tanks next month as it seeks to get them on to the battlefield against Russia before the end of the summer. Thirty-one US...

Finland joins NATO, doubling military alliance’s border with Russia in a blow for Putin

Tara John, CNN April 4, 2023

  CNN -- Finland officially became the 31st member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on Tuesday, marking a major shift in the security landscape in northeastern Europe that adds some...

Fact check: Trump delivers wildly dishonest speech at CPAC

Daniel Dale, CNN March 6, 2023

CNN– As president, Donald Trump made some of his most thoroughly dishonest speeches at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. As he embarks on another campaign for the presidency, Trump...

Turkey is blocking NATO’s expansion. It could backfire and hand Putin a propaganda coup

Luke McGee, CNN March 5, 2023

CNN -- When Sweden and Finland declared their intention to join NATO last May, it was seen by many as a poke in the eye for Russia and evidence of a shift in European thinking. Historically, both countries had...

Zelensky urges top GOP lawmakers to consider new weapons wish list

Alayna Treene and Zachary Cohen, CNN February 25, 2023

(CNN) -- As some outspoken Republican lawmakers threaten to block future aid to Ukraine, a small group of House GOP members that traveled to the country this week vowed to consider a list of key weapons...

Ukraine is burning through ammunition faster than the US and NATO can produce it. Inside the Pentagon’s plan to close the gap

Haley Britzky and Oren Liebermann, CNN February 17, 2023

Scranton, Pennsylvania (CNN) — Inside a sprawling factory just off the President Biden Expressway in downtown Scranton, Pennsylvania, the future arsenal of Ukraine’s war effort is being forged,...

A General Dynamics F-16C Fighting Falcon fighter jet at Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas, Nevada on February 16, 2022.

There’s a sense that another turning point is approaching in Russia’s war in Ukraine

Stephen Collinson, CNN February 3, 2023

(CNN) — Russia’s mass mobilization, looming offensive and missile-borne terror against civilians is triggering fresh calls for even greater Western lethal aid to Ukraine, days after leaders signed...

Russia’s deputy foreign minister says talks with Ukraine are “pointless” after US agreed to send tanks

Josh Pennington and Jake Kwon, CNN January 30, 2023

CNN— The decision by the United States and NATO allies to send tanks to Ukraine has made it "pointless" for Moscow to engage in any talks with Kyiv, Russia's deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov told...

A Leopard 2 A7 main battle tank is seen at a military training area in Munster, northern Germany (file photo).
Patrik Stollarz/AFP/Getty Images

Why Germany is struggling to stomach the idea of sending tanks to Ukraine

Luke McGee, CNN January 21, 2023

CNN-- The past 12 months has forced European leaders to seriously rethink their approach to national security. If Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has confirmed one thing, it’s that peace on the continent...

Ukraine President submits ‘accelerated’ NATO application in light of Russian annex rumors

Associated Press September 30, 2022

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine’s president says his country is submitting an “accelerated” application to join the NATO military alliance. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's statement Friday came...

Firefighters extinguish a building of Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) after a rocket attack in Kharkiv, Ukraines second-largest city, Ukraine, Wednesday, March 2, 2022. Russias assault on Kharkiv, Ukraines second largest city, continued Wednesday, with a Russian strike hitting the regional police and intelligence headquarters, according to the Ukrainian state emergency service. (AP Photo/Andrew Marienko)

History behind Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, explained by Kent State experts

Lynn Vandrasik , Reporter March 2, 2022

Editor's Note: The following story was updated to specify the roles of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as it relates to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  In the early hours...

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