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Amelia Perdue with both her parents at a volleyball tournament she participated in when she was in high school.

Like mother, like daughter: How 4 KSU athletes followed their mothers into Division I sports

Pilar Lewis Sports Reporter May 19, 2021

For decades, sons have followed their fathers into athletics. Before they played in the National Football League, Peyton Manning starred at University of Tennessee and Eli Manning played at University...

After the National Guard fired on May 4, Professor Glenn Frank used a bullhorn to tell the students, I am begging you right now if you don’t disperse right now they’re going to move in, and it can only be a slaughter.

OPINION: America was never great. May 4 is proof of that.

Lyndsey Brennan Opinion Writer May 4, 2021

Last week in my Opinion Writing class, my professor played a clip about May 4 from Ken Burns’ documentary, "The Vietnam War."We saw all the images we’ve come to associate with that day: the National...

OPINION: Brandon’s World – Patrick Mahomes is 2020 NFL MVP

Brandon Lewis Columnist December 1, 2020

When I had originally planned to sit down and write this week’s column, the title of the column was going to be, “There is no clear cut MVP in the NFL this season.”Entering Week 11 of the NFL season,...

Matt Poe

Opinion: What Peyton Manning left behind

Matt Poe March 8, 2016

The inevitable has finally arrived, served hot on a silver platter by Father Time. Peyton Manning has finally decided to call it a career, 18 long seasons in the NFL for number 18. Aside from hoisting...

Matt Poe

Opinion: Cam Newton criticism mostly generational, not racial

Matt Poe February 2, 2016

Old-school and new-school clash on all sorts of issues. Whether it’s movies, music or art, the old and the new tend to disagree on how something was and how something is. Sports certainly fall under...

Matt Poe

Opinion: Kobe and Peyton still worthwhile

Matt Poe December 1, 2015

Two of the greatest athletes of our generation are coming to the realization this is the beginning of the end for their respective careers.On Sunday, Kobe Bryant announced his decision to retire from...

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