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CrossFit is a new way to exercise and brings together a community on campus. 

A New Kind of Working Out

A workout that is fast-paced, high-intensity and challenging has drawn a community to Kent. CrossFit combines interval training with Olympic weightlifting that is a mix between aerobic exercise to get...

The downsides, health concerns of pre-workout

It’s hard for busy college students to have the energy to juggle classes and homework, let alone get to the gym every day. Relying on a caffeine supplement to give you a boost of energy may seem like...

Meditation helps students manage stress, sleep patterns

Students who feel the grind of the semester are always looking for ways to relieve stress, calm nerves and help their minds relax. Meditation can improve grades, sleep patterns and mental cognition. Meditation...

Fitness competitions encourage students to stay active, eat better

Building muscle turned into a new competitive fitness trend that involves countless hours at the gym, strict macro counting and posing in a bikini to show off muscle definition. Weight lifting is taken...

Rec center to undergo renovations

The Beverly J. Warren Recreation and Wellness center turned 20 years old this past April. A building refresh project is in order to give it a new and updated look.The remodeling has already begun, but...

Group X classes offer students new way to workout

Sarah Arnold Rec and Fitness reporter September 18, 2019

Students may struggle with going to the gym regularly, but group fitness classes can be a motivating way to get more exercise. Unlike a certain pair of shoes or hairstyle, fitness classes are the latest...

New bikes on campus

Students raise concerns over new bike share system

Sarah Arnold September 8, 2019

Kent State’s the Beverly J. Warren Student Recreation and Wellness Center added a new mode of transportation with the addition of VeoRide, a bike company that allows a customer to scan and unlock a bike...

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