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Firefighters rise into the blaze in downtown Kent.

Multi-alarm fire strikes historic mill complex in Kent

Click here to view more photos from the fire. Heavy fire consumed multiple buildings of the former Star of the West Mill on North Water Street Friday morning around 9 a.m., as smoke visible for miles...

Faculty senate passes all new proposals

Sophie Young, Reporter November 8, 2022

The faculty senate unanimously approved every proposal in its Nov. 7 meeting, but not without debate. Tracy Laux, senior lecturer in the mathematics department, presided over the meeting as chair. Laux...

Diacon discusses Kent State’s financial state at Talking with Todd

Sophie Young, Reporter November 5, 2022

Declining enrollment and less state funding lead to a tighter budget, which Kent State President Todd Diacon called “the squeeze” at Thursday’s Talking with Todd meeting. “I aim to be transparent...

President Todd Diacon and Chair John Riley preside over today’s special Board of Trustees meeting called to approve a collective bargaining agreement with university employees.

Board of Trustees approves raises and bonuses for union employees

Sophie Young, Reporter October 25, 2022

The Kent State Board of Trustees unanimously approved a collective bargaining agreement today that includes raises, bonuses and more for about 375 university employees in the union. The American Federation...

Todd Diacon addresses NCAA changes, potential payments to student athletes

Grace Springer and Sophie Young, Reporters October 6, 2022

Kent State President Diacon updated an audience of over 300 on the university’s intercollegiate athletics budget and how changes within the NCAA impact Flash athletics. Diacon hosted his second “Talking...

Students affected by mold will not receive financial compensation; 450 rooms affected

Sophie Young, Reporter September 29, 2022

Kent State does not plan to provide financial compensation to students living in the 450 rooms impacted by, or in close proximity to, mold and mildew. Briley Rhinock, senator for residence halls, asked...

Enrollment numbers rise for freshmen, fall for regional campuses

Sophie Young, Reporter September 26, 2022

The freshman class and international student population has returned to pre-pandemic size, but enrollment across Kent State’s eight-campus system is down. The Board of Trustees presented data at Wednesday’s...

Freshmen Tracy Gavel and Maddie Touve cheer as preachers leave after hours of arguing with students on Risman Plaza.

Students protest anti-LGBTQ+ preachers on campus

Troy Pierson, General Assignment Editor September 10, 2022

A group of students gathered on campus Thursday afternoon to protest a pair of preachers that were spreading anti-LGBTQ+ messages outside the K on Risman Plaza. The protest group waved signs of positive...

“Renegade Readers” gather for a read-in

Sophie Young, Reporter April 17, 2022
Stephanie Smith, associate professor in the School of Media and Journalism, walked up to the microphone as the crowd fell to a low buzz. In her signature glasses and a statement tee supporting Ukraine, she welcomed the range of “renegade readers.”

Sanctions on Russian oil cause repercussion for Ohio drivers

Sophie Young, Reporter April 5, 2022

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine intensifies, the consequences are reaching new heights across the world – and gas prices are rising along with them. Today in Kent, the average price is...

Avocado toast, served with scrambled eggs and fruit, at Over Easy. Over Easy is located at 152 Franklin Ave.

Over Easy relocates to Franklin Street

Sophie Young, Reporter February 6, 2022

Kent brunch spot Over Easy is consistently bustling with activity, with locals, students and visitors joining a waitlist to get everything from a pancake bigger than your plate to the milkshake of the...

What are they going to call us next?

Sophie Young Reporter February 6, 2022

The English language enveloped words from other cultures just as European nations enveloped “discovered” countries into their empires. As a result, English-speakers are left with phrases that are a...

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