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Gene Policinski, the chief operating officer of the Newseum Institute and First Amendment Center, gestures toward the audience during his joint presentation on the First Amendment with David Hudson Jr. (not pictured) in the Kiva Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017

‘Do you know your five freedoms?’ event focuses on First Amendment

Lauren Garczynski October 4, 2017

The First Amendment and the thorough examinations it has undergone lately were the key points at the “Do You Know Your Five Freedoms?” conversation in the Kiva Tuesday.The May 4 Visitors Center, the...

Top 10 news stories this school year

DKS Editors May 1, 2014

This school year, Kent State saw a new president, a polar vortex, an extended Esplanade, a gunshot incident, a wrestler’s controversial tweets and a secretive presidential search. Editors at the Daily...

Kent State LGBTQ activists walk the Esplanade from the student center to front campus with pro-equality signs to rally against Westboro Baptist Church who planned to picket Kent State Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014.

Off-campus protesters face lenient on-campus regulations

Christina Suttles March 11, 2014

Kent State students concerned about an invasive university policy or procedure have a number of outlets on campus to voice their grievances, from holding peaceful demonstrations in Risman Plaza to marching...

Our View: Westboro’s weird ways

DKS Editors February 20, 2014

We were happy to see the nonviolent response from Kent State’s student body Wednesday when the Westboro Baptist Church tweeted it would protest the university’s decision last week to suspend wrestler...

Kent State students participate in a rally in favor of LGBTQ rights in Risman Plaza Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014. Students gathered in response to the Westboro Baptist Churchs threats to picket Kent State that had been circulating on Twitter earlier in the day.

Campus bands together against LGBT hate

Kara Taylor February 20, 2014

Though the Westboro Baptist Church didn’t come to Kent State to protest, the campus community bonded together against LGBT hate.“We’ve flipped the narrative, and we now spread a message of self-empowerment...

Students rally to challenge Westboro protest tweets

Kara Taylor February 19, 2014

Kent State students banded together Wednesday night in a pro-LGBT rally to protest the Westboro Baptist Church’s tweets about picketing Kent State for the suspension of junior wrestler Sam Wheeler.Throughout...

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