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Christian Heller, a member of USAS, leads the protest speaking out against Kyle Rittenhouse coming to Kent State on a march to the Rock April 15, 2024.

‘Hey ho, Rittenhouse has got to go’: Students protest on the K

Adriana Gasiewski and Kayla Gleason April 16, 2024

Editors note: The name of a source, Acieno Leipply-Caban, was updated to reflect their identity accurately, Acieno Rosales. A list of hate crime victims’ names were written in chalk and photos of...

Catherine MacGregor and Parker Riley model their designs for the Ecosphere Fashion Show March 9, 2024.

Ecospheres fashion show highlights the world of biomes

Zach Rayz, Reporter April 16, 2024

Ecosphere: Study of Biomes Fashion Show was put on by The Fabric Pantry on March 9. Designers had the opportunity to create designs based on nature and the different biomes found around the world. The...

A panel, moderated by faculty such as Roseanne Chic Canfora (far right), discusses free speech and protest at the university level on April 15, 2024.

‘You hold so much power’: Professionals discuss rights, free speech, protests on campus

Lauren Bischof, Beat Reporter April 15, 2024

In recognition of the upcoming May 4 commemoration and in response to gun-rights-activist Kyle Rittenhouse coming to campus, professionals discussed the rights, laws, values and responsibilities in regard...

Heating up: Controlled burn of grass by Rec Center allows for summer growth

Heating up: Controlled burn of grass by Rec Center allows for summer growth

Cadie Pierce, Photographer April 15, 2024

With smoke clouding the air as students and community members walked in and out of the Beverly J. Warren Student Recreation and Wellness Center, members of the Kent Fire Department burned the tall grass...

Sophomore Heidi Schultz poses, ready for her routine on the floor to begin March 3, 2024

Flashes gymnast details her rehabilitation experience after injury

Abbie Wilfing, Reporter April 15, 2024

She looked up, chin to the ceiling, and the 18-year-old gymnast flew gracefully through the air, somehow landing perfectly on the four-inch balance beam. Chalk powdered in her direction, and she didn’t...

A plaque inside the May 4 Visitors Center.

Chair of May 4 Task Force speaks on activism efforts, upcoming events

Parker Gorman, Reporter April 14, 2024

Editor's note: Sophia Swengal is an opinion writer for KentWired. She was interviewed due to her relevance to the article. Sophia Swengel is a sophomore history major at Kent State University — and...

Students and children pose at Flashathon.

Flashathon raises money for Akron Children’s Hospital

MinJee Yoo, Reporter April 14, 2024

Since 2014, students at the university have been putting on Flashathon, an annual philanthropy event to help raise money for children and their families at the Akron Children’s Hospital. Flashathon is...

James Samels served 27 years with the Kent Fire Department before his appointment as fire chief on Jan. 22, 2024. Courtesy the Kent Fire Department.

Kent welcomes veteran firefighter as new fire chief

Ignatius Ogbu, Reporter April 14, 2024

On Jan. 22, 2024, Kent appointed James Samels as the city’s new fire chief.  With 27 years of service in the Kent Fire Department, his experience played a big role in his appointment. Samels succeeded...

Students practicing mindfulness through painting and yoga March 20, 2024.

Rec Center runs Paint and Pose workshop to help students destress

Tanner Poe, Reporter April 12, 2024

What do painting and yoga have in common? They are two practices that can help relieve stress.  According to the American Institute of Stress, eight in 10 college students have frequent periods where...

Key Glock performs with the dancers on April 11, 2024.

Rapper Key Glock hits FlashFest with a bang

Andrew Bowie, Reporter April 12, 2024

Crowds began lining up an hour and a half before the performance in order to get a good spot for Key Glock, the south Memphis rapper headlining FlashFest 2024. The line wrapped all around the second floor...

Art featured in the Center for Visual Arts building.

The power of utilizing art for mental well-being

Kaitlyn Roth, Reporter April 12, 2024

From painting and drawing to music and writing, students turn to creative outlets as a way to cope with stress and mental health challenges. Alongside this practice, there is a growing recognition of...

Participants in the Kent State University Black Squirrel 5K begin the course at 8 AM on April 13. Photo by Adrianne Bastas.

Students, faculty to compete in annual Black Squirrel 5k

Savannah Mallozzi, Reporter April 12, 2024

Editor's note: Tanner Poe is a contributor to KentWired and was interviewed due to her relevance to the story. Named after Kent State’s unofficial mascot, the Recreation and Wellness Services will...

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