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The independent news website of The Kent Stater & TV2


The independent news website of The Kent Stater & TV2


Illustration by Miranda Sepulveda

A Step Forward

Shane McGinnis February 28, 2021

Here we are again. It’s two weeks after my initial declaration that I was going to become a better person. The big question is whether I did what I said I would. I started with a few essential things...

“Maybe I’m Not Tired”

“Maybe I’m Not Tired”

Kathryn Hudnell February 28, 2021

Let’s talk about the controversial area under our eyes. Our eyes are usually one of the first places we look when we first meet someone new. There’s a lot riding on that first impression, so it makes...

Illustration by Paige Gaskins

A TikTok revolution: how quarantine helped us realize who we really are

Brianna Camp February 28, 2021

Time alone makes you ponder. For some, especially those extroverts longing to get out of their heads and into the world, this can be a maddening experience. For others, the time away from the hustle and...

Illustration by Samantha Schaffer

The Transfer Experience at Kent State

Sarah McGinnis February 28, 2021

When I was 18, I did not know what I wanted to do with my life. I did not have a career plan, let alone a college plan. So like millions of other people, I decided to enroll at my local community college...

Caroline Henneman

How Quarantine Helped Fuel Creative Projects

Grace Christopher February 28, 2021

Last semester in March when quarantine hit and Kent State closed down, many students found themselves with a sudden abundance of time. Classes moved online, everything was closed and staying home was...

Strong Opinions: The Bar Scene in Kent

Domenic Cregan February 28, 2021

Research for the following was performed with the utmost journalistic integrity and commitment to safety and truth.ZEPHYRIn the warmer months, it’s nice. You can get a pitcher and sit out on the patio....

Photo by Nina Lozada

The Plight Of Student Workers

Becca Sagaris February 28, 2021

I am a worker: always have been, always will be. I was 14 years old when I held my first job as a hostess for a small restaurant in my hometown called Doogans of Aurora, but it was not until I graduated...

Illustration by Elliot Burr

How You Can Help Art Survive COVID-19

Sierra Severt February 28, 2021

The big question for most artists right now is pretty much the same: Will art survive COVID-19? If it does, how will it do so and what will that look like? Will we ever be able to attend normal performances,...

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