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Katie Shields, a freshman at Kent State, votes at the Rec Center on November 6 2012. Photo by Melanie Nesteruk.

Provisional ballots fail to affect youth voter turnout

John Milligan November 8, 2012

Young people turned out and made their voices heard nationwide Tuesday, even if that meant filling out provisional ballots.Provisional ballots are used to record votes when a voter’s eligibility is in...

Richard Rebadow a board member of the Ohio Economic Development Association presents Kent City Council President Wayne Wilson the “Best Project” award from OEDA , during the city council meeting on Nov. 7. . Photo by Brian Smith.

Downtown Kent Revitalization project named ‘Best Project’ in the State

John Milligan November 8, 2012

Downtown Kent has been a construction nightmare for months. But in exchange for closed streets and dust clouds, the city has seen some of the most ambitious growth in the state of Ohio.The Downtown Kent...

Excedrin set to return after 10-month hiatus

John Milligan October 17, 2012

For migraine sufferers, the pain is almost over. After a 10-month absence from stores, Excedrin Migraine is making its way back to shelves.The Excedrin brand was voluntarily recalled back in January by...

Fire at Campus Pointe forces residents into the cold

John Milligan October 11, 2012

This story has been updated to include additional reporting.A fire at Campus Pointe Apartments on state Route 59 caused clouds of smoke and an immediate evacuation of 1831 Ashton Lane Wednesday night,...

Photo illustration by Kristin Bauer.

Kent State wraps up first semester using ‘hybrid’ course technique

John Milligan December 7, 2011

Kent State is working toward making “hybrid” courses the norm for foreign language studies. The new technique debuted this fall semester with elementary Spanish, but because of its advantages, more...

The Liquid Crystal Department unveiled the new MultiPath system Oct. 26. Users place food samples inside of the small cups, connect it with a computer and the system tests for E. Coli and Listeria. The black strips change color if there is contamination. Photo by LAURA FONG

New technology will improve food pathogen testing

John Milligan October 27, 2011

Crystal Diagnostics revealed new technology Wednesday at Kent State Centennial Research Park that allows scientists to more accurately test food for multiple pathogens in the time it takes to watch “The...

Students, faculty reflect on professor’s outburst

John Milligan October 27, 2011

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Peace Corps gives students opportunities for experience, friendship

John Milligan October 26, 2011

In the 50 years the Peace Corps has been functioning, it has recruited more than 200,000 volunteers and served in 138 countries.Regional recruiter Annabel Khouri will have a table at the career fair...

Kent State professor storms out during pro-Israeli speech

John Milligan October 26, 2011

Former Israeli diplomat Ishmael Khaldi’s lecture was going smoothly until an altercation with a Kent State professor threatened to derail Tuesday night’s event.After the speech at Bowman Hall ended,...

Muslim diplomat speaks about career in Jewish state

John Milligan October 25, 2011

The highest-ranking Muslim and first Bedouin diplomat in the history of the Israeli Foreign Ministry will share the story of how he went from living in a tent to becoming a respected consul.Ishmael Khaldi...

Kent State mourns passing of veteran professor

John Milligan October 14, 2011

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The Wick Poetry Center hosted a poetry reading by W.S. Merwin in the KSC Ballroom on Monday, Oct. 10. Merwin signed books and talked to the audience after his performance. Photo by Jenna Watson.

‘Merwin Day’ allows students to connect with poet

John Milligan October 11, 2011

The library’s first floor quiet study room was filled with laughter and applause as special guest W.S. Merwin answered questions from a collection of students and poetry enthusiasts Monday afternoon.The...

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