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A bottle of Kent States Radiance wine, bottled by the students and faculty at the Kent State Ashtabula campus.

Kent State Ashtabula releases Radiance white wine

Sophie Giffin Reporter July 1, 2021

Editor's Note: This story has been edited for accuracy and regarding location of Finger Lakes, New York.Kent State released Radiance, the university's fourth wine, as a part of their viticulture and enology...

Kent State Ashtabula and Laurello Vineyards new ice wine, 17°.

KSU Ashtabula wine program releases new ice wine

Ellie Dundics February 13, 2019

Kent State Ashtabula, in partnership with Laurello Vineyards, released its new ice wine, 17°.This unique wine sells for $30 a bottle at Campus Wine Cellars and Cheesemonger in Kent and Laurello Vineyards...

Press release Rand al Dulaimi homicide

Ex-husband indicted in death of KSU Ashtabula student

Valerie Royzman January 10, 2019

The ex-husband of a Kent State Ashtabula student, who was found dead in July, was indicted on murder and other charges.The Ashtabula County Grand Jury indicted Jeffrey Stanley for murder, felonious assault,...

Rand Hilal Al Dulaimi 

Coroner: Death of KSU Ashtabula student ruled a homicide

Valerie Royzman September 17, 2018

The Ashtabula County Coroner’s Office ruled on Thursday a Kent State Ashtabula student whose body was found in Saybrook Township on July 24 was murdered.Rand Hilal Al Dulaimi died from neck compression...

Rand Hilal Al Dulaimi 

Friends, professors remember Rand Al Dulaimi as ‘soft-spoken’ student, loving mother

Valerie Royzman August 3, 2018

On the day police found her body, the dreary clouds faded slowly, and from them emerged a rainbow.Suspicious disappearances and rainbows don’t usually go together. But for the Ashtabula residents and...

Press release from Ashtabula County Sheriffs Office

Kent State student, mother goes missing; Ashtabula authorities continue search

Valerie Royzman July 19, 2018

The last 11 days have felt dim and uncertain for the Kent State and Ashtabula communities—that’s when Rand Hilal Al Dulaimi, a biotechnology major at the Ashtabula campus, went missing.The 23-year-old...

Dylan Webb is a teaching English as a second language major. Contact him at

Opinion: America should adopt Portugal’s drug policy

Dylan Webb February 24, 2016

It’s obvious that in today’s “Drug War”, the legal effort is ineffective and even counter-productive. The number of drug-related deaths is increasing; more and more people are being processed in...

Freshman psychology major Casey Blum tries to stay warm with a scarf and headband while walking to class in the 7 degree weather on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2015.

‘It sucks pretty bad’: Temperatures drop to single digits on students’ first day

Dana Miller January 19, 2016

Students braved below freezing temperatures on Tuesday morning while walking to classes for their first day back.This time last year, the morning temperature started out at about 17 degrees Fahrenheit;...

Regional campuses to award associate degrees to students

Payton Moore March 16, 2015

Kent’s regional campuses will begin giving automatic associate’s degrees to those who meet the university-mandated requirements, but are currently seeking bachelor’s degrees.The movement intends...

Warren starts tour with feedback from regionals, alumni

Josh Yager July 2, 2014

President Beverly Warren will spend the first six months on the road for a listening tour, which launched Tuesday, July 1 at the Ashtabula regional campus. Warren’s goal is to hear the thoughts of the...

‘The Plow’ to sprout this spring

Julia Adkins April 7, 2014

Many students dream of having their literary and visual art pieces being published and available for others to see.Kent State University at Ashtabula is doing just that.The English Society, a student organization...

Shooting Near Ashtabula Campus

Julia Adkins January 27, 2014

At 3:44 p.m. Monday, Kent State students received a Flashline advisory in regards to a shooting approximately half a mile from Kent State’s Ashtabula campus. Once notified about the shooting, the Ashtabula...

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