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Colin Dussaults Beatles Project performs at Venice Cafe at the 7th annual Beatlesfest held in downtown Kent Friday, Feb. 21, 2020. 

Downtown Kent welcomes musicians for seventh annual Beatlefest

Emily Williams Reporter February 22, 2020

Downtown Kent was bustling with Beatlemania Friday night as local musicians paid tribute to the rock band. Over 20 bands descended on downtown to flood local venues with the sound of the 60s. The Jillettes...

Dan Socha performs The Beatles covers with his band, Dig a Pony, at Tree City Coffee & Pastry as part of Beatlefest on Friday, Feb. 22, 2019.

‘Beatlemania’ invades downtown Kent

KentWired Staff February 24, 2019

The ‘Fab Four’ weren’t there, but Kentites ‘Came Together,’  ‘Got Back’ and ‘Let it Be’ during annual music event downtownA man crossing South Water Street in downtown Kent yelled into...

Revolution Pie performs during the downtown Kent Beatlefest on Friday, Feb. 24, 2017.

Sun came for 4th annual Kent BeatleFest

Madeline Crandall February 25, 2017

Beatles music and blue skies brought crowded streets for the fourth annual Kent BeatleFest Friday. The unseasonably warm February evening was filled with locals and out-of-towners celebrating free live...

Beatlefest returns to Kent

Alexis Amato February 20, 2016

Beatlefest returned for it’s third annual festival last night in downtown Kent to celebrate the 51st anniversary of Beatlemania. Various artists from all around played at 18 different venues. From local...

BeatleFest to invade Downtown Kent Friday

Megan Brown February 17, 2015

Beatlemania and other British-inspired tunes circa the mid-1960s will invade Downtown Kent on Friday, Feb. 20 with performances at more than 16 different venues.All shows are free to attend with the first...

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