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President of the Kent State Body Acceptance Movement club Kylie McCann poses for a portrait in Rockwell Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016.

National eating disorder awareness week sheds light on sensitive topic

Kylie McCann had reached her breaking point. Transformed into a person she didn’t know, McCann felt trapped and controlled by her eating disorder when she sought out counseling during her freshman year.“I...

Eating disorders on campus

Eating disorders on campus: What they are and where to seek help

Jamie Brian February 24, 2015

If you break a bone, you wear a cast to show that you’re healing. You wear the plaster reminder of a past battle on your wrist. If you have an eating disorder, the scars are just as real, even if others...

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week event addresses body image issues

Keely Kennedy February 23, 2015

Aiming to promote positive body image across campus, the Body Acceptance Movement kicked off its annual National Eating Disorder Awareness Week in the Student Center on Monday. To begin the awareness...

Kent State Pokémon League

Helping student organizations get started

Cheyenne Perry October 14, 2014

Workshops to help new student organizations learn the ropes and finalize the registration process were held throughout the month of October, hosted by the Center for Student Involvement.Katie Goldring,...

Kent States Body Acceptance Movement

Don’t sweat the photoshopping: Students promote positive self-perception in a world of false media images

Katy Coduto February 26, 2014

Senior fashion merchandising major Kelsea Freeman admits that she has days where she struggles with her body image. But Freeman has found a way to work through what she considers “bad days.”“I try...

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