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Our View: Losing parking to ease traffic

DKS Editors April 29, 2014

The process of adding roundabouts and crosswalks to the notoriously not-pedestrian-friendly Summit Street has been years in the making. Now that it’s finally getting closer to a reality that will aid...

Our view: Traveling outside your comfort zone

DKS Editors April 14, 2014

Kent State study abroad coordinators say many students are choosing these days to study abroad or away in English-speaking countries, but they are hoping to see students start traveling to more unusual...

Our View: Remembering Hank Aaron

DKS Editors April 8, 2014

Tuesday marked the 40th anniversary of the day Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s all-time home run record. It was a time when America still revered the mark with romance, before the cynicism of steroids and...

Our View: The environmental dilemma

DKS Editors March 31, 2014

Recently, it seems we’re living inside an environmental geology textbook. It’s an age of natural catastrophes, from the freakishly unexpected to the humorously head-scratching to the seriously devastating,...

Our View: SAT overhaul isn’t enough

DKS Editors March 11, 2014

The College Board announced last week it would overhaul the SAT exam and start giving a new version of the test in 2016. Among other changes, the new test would be more curriculum-based, stop penalizing...

Our View: USG should follow Chernesky’s example

DKS Editors March 10, 2014

Yesterday, we ran a story about Kent State’s USG being the first student government in the state to officially endorse equal marriage rights in Ohio. This resolution came after freshman political science...

Our view: President opens up for students – but not all the way

DKS Editors February 24, 2014

Every week, we’re sent dozens of emails with campus events that could need coverage. Tucked away at the end of one such thread — Center for Student Involvement’s “News for the Week” — was a...

Our View: Heroin problem needs solved quickly

DKS Editors February 4, 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died Sunday of an apparent drug overdose, will no doubt be remembered as a gifted actor. “We did not lose just a very good actor,” critic A.O. Scott of the New York Times...

Our View: Potential harm of energy projects not something to be taken lightly

DKS Editors January 21, 2014

Earlier this month, a chemical used in the coal-preparation process leaked into West Virginia’s Elk River, leaving about 300,000 people without clean water to drink or use.More disconcerting is the recent...

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