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KentWired Illustration by Lillie Leasure

OPINION: The holidays aren’t dead

Faith Fistler, Opinion Writer December 11, 2023

It’s true, the holidays are different now.  In college, nobody is dressing up in their Halloween costumes to class and parading around the school. Our assignments don’t involve turning our hand...

Illustration by Faith Fistler

OPINION: Sabrina Carpenter serves up a new Christmas classic with “Fruitcake”

Faith Fistler, Opinion Writer December 5, 2023

Sabrina Carpenter has been one of my most welcomed surprises of the year. Initially, she wasn’t an artist I felt compelled to tune into. I didn’t have a connection to her Disney Channel days since...

Illustration by Faith Fistler

OPINION: The pitfalls of ‘bimbo feminism’

Faith Fistler, Opinion Writer November 9, 2023

Feminist movements have gone through many iterations, and philosophers have been at odds with each other since its beginning.  It’s hard to define equality for all when equality doesn’t look the...

Illustration by Faith Fistler

OPINION: You’re going to get older and that’s okay

Faith Fistler, Opinion Writer October 23, 2023

You never think you’re going to get older until it happens to you.  I realized it had happened to me when I asked someone what “rizz” meant.  While I still have a lot of life left to live,...

Fans show off their Lana Del Ray flag.

OPINION: The Lana Del Rey Generation

Faith Fistler, Opinion Writer October 13, 2023

With white dresses and bows in our hair, my friends and I made an hour-and-a-half trek to Pennsylvania to see Lana Del Rey live.  The warm weather welcomed us to the outside pavilion, where 22,000...

Pregnant students and their options

Faith Fistler, Reporter May 16, 2023

Editor’s Note: This article uses the experience of the writer’s mother, Johanna Fistler.  While other students were worried about turning in their projects on time and who they were crushing on...

The LGBTQ+ Center is located on the lower floor of Kent States Student Center and is open to any and all students.

LGBTQ+ Center panel discusses navigating professional world

Faith Fistler, Reporter April 19, 2023

A diverse panel of speakers shared their experiences on how to navigate the workplace authentically at the “Being LGBTQ+ in the Professional World” virtual event Wednesday. The LGBTQ+ Center presented...

Reproductive justice teach in creates community and awareness

Faith Fistler, Reporter April 12, 2023

The Reproductive Health to Reproductive Justice Teach In unites groups across Kent State’s campus to shine light on the current state of abortion rights in Ohio after the overturning of Roe v. Wade last...

Former club gets resURGEnce

Former club gets resURGEnce

Faith Fistler, Reporter March 20, 2023

Kent State students are breathing new life into an old club. Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity is a student-led organization that focuses on empowering young adults to get educated on social...

A panel discusses gender equity across the globe in honor of International Womens Day (from right to left: Alizée Portrel, Parnia Azini, Kristina Nepomuceno-Nieves, Ikram Toumi and Ivana Krsteska)

International Women’s Day event at Kent State teaches gender equity across the globe

Faith Fistler, Reporter March 9, 2023

While every country is at a different stage in its progress toward gender equity, International Women’s Day acknowledged the efforts made so far and the work that still needs to be done.  Kent State...

Himbo pictured in his drag attire at the Rocky Horror Picture preshow.

Business major sells himself as drag performer

Faith Fistler, Reporter February 28, 2023

Common hobbies for college students can include writing, exercising, painting or even crocheting. However, for sophomore general business major Loren, referred to by first name only for privacy, hobbies...

Kathleen Clyde, who served four terms in the Ohio House of Representatives, speaks on the importance of having women in office at the Elect Her event on Feb. 4, 2023.

Elect Her conference aims to amplify new voices

Faith Fistler, Reporter February 5, 2023

While the 2022 midterm elections saw record-breaking wins for female candidates, the demographics of elected government officials is still disproportionately male. The Elect Her training seminar seeks...

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