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Being active in a religion or a religious community can lead people to experience more moments of happiness in their lives.

Unlocking happiness: The role faith plays in a person’s well-being

Luke Gehm, Reporter April 20, 2024

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes you happy?  According to a Pew Research study, many things can impact a person’s happiness. Family, friends, jobs, careers and schooling are a few aspects...

FCA offers safe space for student-athletes to grow in faith

Alyse Riffer, Reporter February 13, 2023

Student-athletes explore new ideas and build strong connections weekly in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The fellowship first began in 1986 by Ted Schumacher. His son Kyle Schumacher, who graduated...

H2O Church invites students to in-person men’s and women’s retreat

Hannah Mayer Reporter March 16, 2021

This month, H2O Church is offering a socially distanced version of their yearly men’s and women’s weekends. Women’s Weekend and Manmaker are one day, in-person retreats that give students the opportunity...

Matthew Knabe (center) speaks with members of Cru and people attending the Cru mental heath event On Feb. 25. At the event, Knabe spoke about the intersection of faith and mental health. 

Kent Cru workshop hosts counselor to share his experiences, resources to combat virtual distress

Hannah Mayer Reporter March 1, 2021

When a Kent Cru member witnessed a Kent State freshman cry from loneliness and loss of community, the Christian student group was encouraged to take action and initiate a conversation on mental health.Since...

Hand sanitizing station at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

How to exercise at home

Camryn Kocher Reporter February 4, 2021

The COVID-19 social distancing and stay-at-home order has changed daily lives and routines for everyone. Without the gym environment or equipment to use, it can be challenging to work out regularly and...

Christie Anderson lights the candle representative of lasting peace at a prayer gathering at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Nov. 29, 2015.

Inter-faith group comes together for community outreach

Kelly Powell December 2, 2015

Groups such as the Kent Inter-faith Alliance, Campus Religious Life Organization, United Christian Ministries and Inter-faith Campus Ministry look to be a bright contrast to the plethora of dark events...

Alexis Wohler is a junior journalism major. Contact her at

Opinion: Overcoming fear

Alexis Wohler March 15, 2015

What do you fear in your life? Maybe you fear college exams, assignments, not fitting in or finding your way or purpose in life.Many people may have the exact same fears that you have. Sometimes the hardest...

Coexistence in the form of a study group

Skye McEowen March 4, 2015

Religion, a significant cornerstone of human culture, is often portrayed today with some sort of conflict. Some people can’t seem to look past the difference in fundamental beliefs, and instead, use...

OPINION: The question of faith

Alexis Wohler February 19, 2015

All of us have days where we feel guilt, shame or hurt. On those types of days when our emotions run high, we may not be sure where or whom to turn to. The answer could be faith.Have you ever wondered...

Marvin Logan is a senior pan-African studies major. Contact him at

Opinion: Let’s talk about faith

Marvin Logan February 11, 2015

In light of recent events, I think it is important to turn the light back on religion. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the Muslim experience in America and abroad. As a country, diversity has become...

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