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Prentice Hall, which used to be a dining hall, will now be used as an engagement space.

New Feminist Leadership Living Learning Community opens fall 2022

Ty Kohler February 11, 2022

The new Feminist Leadership Initiative Living-Learning Community will offer financial benefits starting next semester.Benefits offered will include a $100 book scholarship and funding to attend a future...

OPINION: It’s time for men to pull their chair up to the table

Maria Ferrato Opinion Writer March 17, 2021

From unequal pay to sexual assault, women are empowered to be strong individuals who can stomach any pain rather than fighting for themselves. But what if they just didn’t have anything to fight? I’ve...

‘She Will’ events to boost presence of female athletes

Hannah Sheridan September 8, 2017

“She Will,” a series of athletic events promoted by the Women’s Center and the athletics department, encourages attendees to learn about the strides women make in sports.   The series will give...

Panelists discuss modern feminism at ‘Student Voices’ event

Stephanie Martoccia March 15, 2016

Student panelists spoke about feminist issues at Not Your Mother’s Feminism, Understanding the Diversity of Feminist Perspectives last night in the Kiva.Five female panelists, Alice Freitas, Jordin Manning,...

Kent Student Center Programming looks for panelists

Stephanie Martoccia February 29, 2016

The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) will be holding another Student Voices panel discussion titled, “Not Your Mother’s Feminism: Understanding the Diversity of Feminist Perspectives,” on March...

Protestors line up outside the KIVA to show their opposition to Dr. Umar Johnson speaking at the university on Monday, Feb. 8, 2016.

Students express disdain over ‘Prince of Pan-Africanism’

Cameron Gorman February 8, 2016

Umar Johnson, a controversial speaker known both for his outspoken views on black oppression and his polarizing comments on the gay and feminist communities, spoke tonight at the KIVA.His appearance was...

Women’s Center combines Halloween and Feminist Fridays

Shane Beneke October 25, 2015

The Kent State Women’s Center hosted a Feminist Fridays monthly meeting Friday from noon to 1 p.m., which had a Halloween twist. The discussion topic, "Witches, B*tches & Hags", looked at stereotypes...

Guest Column: Dare to disagree

Guest Columnist Andrew Rogers September 7, 2015

In my view, the objective of a collegiate education is to challenge pupils’ existing perceptions of the world, thus fostering a healthy sense of academic skepticism for them to carry into the world when...

Why I Do What I Do

Opinion: Why I Do What I Do

Amanda Paniagua March 10, 2015

Some of my readers may have already noticed a common theme in the subject matter I continually write about in my columns: identity.More specifically, I write about racial identity.While some may roll their...

John Hess is a senior political science major. Contact him at

Opinion: Let’s talk about the ‘F-word’

John Hess February 1, 2015

Feminism — there I said it. I am a feminist, and you should be too.When I tell other men that I am a feminist there is always a range of responses: Some are amused, some confused, and some even feel...

Guest Column: Momentum: Leelah Alcorns call to arms

Corissa Gay January 11, 2015

The world has lost an important voice. Though hardly a unique case, roughly fifty percent of transgender youth attempt to take their own life before the age of 24, Leelah Alcorn’s suicide is a profound...

Carley Hull is a senior magazine journalism major and a columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact her at

Opinion: Potty-mouthed princesses let FCKH8 cash-in, but message still resonates

Carley Hull October 29, 2014

Society has a new viral feminist voice in’s “F-Bombs for Feminism: Potty-mouthed princesses use bad words for a good cause,” video by Featuring girls around the ages of 6 to...

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