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Kent Wired

Kent State’s online class transition made easier with Blackboard

Kim Fisher Technology reporter October 11, 2020

Classes moving from in-person to online is hard enough, but finding an operating system capable of handling the switch adds more pressure. Kent State already had an operating system that was ready to go...

The Positive Peers app prioritizes keeping users’ information confidential and allowing them to be as public as they want.

New Positive Peers app bridges the gap between in-person and online HIV resources

Holly Liptak Reporter April 4, 2020

What began as an HIV support group evolved into a private Facebook group and has now taken its most recent form as an app that includes success stories, medication reminders and more to help users find...

Apple officially unveiled its new iPhone lineup at a closely watched media event at its Cupertino, California, headquarters on Tuesday.

What you need to know about Apple’s iPhone 11 event

 Originally Published: 10 SEP 19 05:52 ETUpdated: 10 SEP 19 16:42 ET    (CNN) -- Despite a year of slumping iPhone sales, Apple chose to largely stick to its smartphone playbook with new models announced...

Apple TV could be star of Wednesday’s show

Apple has already upturned the computing, music and mobile phone industries. If the rumors and reports circling around the company are correct, it's now taking an aim at television.At a media event in...

Dash offers new payment plans at bars

Dashing past the line at the bar

Jenna Kuczkowski November 18, 2014

As a late night out at the local bar slowly becomes an early morning, lines begin to form around the register of every tavern, lounge and bar in town. Customers wait impatiently to pay their tabs and so...

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