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A yard sign in support of voting yes on Issue 1 in this Novembers Election.

Issue 1 in Ohio passes, allowing for greater reproductive rights

Adriana Gasiewski, Staff Reporter November 8, 2023

As a result of the Nov. 7 election, Issue 1 passed, allowing legal abortions past the six-week ban and access to miscarriage care, contraceptives and fertility treatment. The League of Women Voters...

As Issue 1 voting nears, The words Not Abortion in chalk are erased with water on the K on Oct. 18, 2023.

Students voice opinions on State Issue 1

Clara Wicinski, Contributor October 29, 2023

With abortion on the ballot in November, students are urging fellow peers to vote “Yes” or “No.” Issue 1 is a citizen-initiative to amend Ohio’s constitution and ensure abortion protections...

Issues 1 and 2 energize advocacy groups across state

Alton Northup, Staff Reporter October 27, 2023

As Election Day approaches, advocacy groups across the state prepare to make their case on Issues 1 and 2.  In less than two weeks, voters may dramatically change Ohio law. Issue 1 would enshrine abortion...

OPINION: The great Republican lie: their commitment to life

Virginia Doherty, Opinion Writer September 11, 2023

As a liberal, a lot of conservative politics seem very appealing at first glance. Skimming over Louisiana congressman Mike Johnson’s 7 Core Principles of Conservatism, the appeal is easy to see. Individual...

U.S. congressional district map  for 2012-2020

2020 census reveals losses for Ohio while redistricting efforts are still set for later this year

Ian Jameson Reporter May 1, 2021

Data from 2020’s census was released on April 26 and reveals Ohio is losing one congressional seat and an Electoral College vote.  Ohio’s population grew by 2.3 percent from 2010 to 2020 while the...

Ohio is one of 10 states, mainly in the Rust Belt, likely to lose seats in the House of Representatives following the 2020 Census next month, according to projections by The Kent Stater. Seven states are expected to gain districts, led by Texas with three added seats and Florida with two.

Projections show Ohio likely to lose House seats following 2020 Census

Editor’s note: This story is the work of Kent State’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s Interviewing and Data class. Ohio is one of 10 states — mainly across the Rust Belt —...

Head shot of Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen OConnor. 

Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor speaks on Issue 1

Chris Ramos November 3, 2018

With elections around the corner on Nov. 6, voters will be presented with the only statewide issue on the ballot: Issue 1.Issue 1, the proposed constitutional amendment, is oriented around the opioid crisis...

Voters wait in line to check into the Kent United Church of Christ polling station Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017.

State and local results for 2017 election

Jenna Kuczkowski November 8, 2017

This year’s election determined some controversial state and local issues in addition to seeing new representatives into office. Below are the final unofficial election results for the 2017 General Election....

Poll workers arrived at the Portage Board of Elections office in Ravenna on Tuesday night, October 3, 2015, after polls had closed. The poll workers organized the ballots before bringing them to the election office.

Ohio voters approve redistricting issue

Karl Schneider November 3, 2015

With more than 98 percent of precincts reporting, Ohio voters overwhelmingly approved Issue 1, which will create a bipartisan, public process for drawing legislative districts.The issue passed with 71.49...

Voters cast their ballots at Franklin Elementary School in Kent, Ohio on Nov. 3, 2015.

Ohio voters reject legal pot, OK redistricting measure

Ohio voters rejected a first-of-its-kind proposal Tuesday that would have legalized both medical and recreational marijuana, following an expensive campaign, a legal fight over its ballot wording and an...

Marijuana, maps and monopolies before Ohio voters

A first-of-its-kind marijuana legalization proposal was nearing decision time in Ohio on Tuesday, even as the effort's opponents were placing their hopes on a separate measure aimed at nullifying the...

Issue 1: Ohio redistricting reform

Elizabeth Randolph November 2, 2015

Issue 1 will create a bipartisan commission that will draw legislative compacts that don’t favor one political party over another.If approved on Tuesday’s election, the amendment will create a seven-member...

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