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Our View: South Dakota ‘bathroom bill’ discriminates against transgender students

Kent Stater Editors February 16, 2016

The South Dakota state senate passed a bill Tuesday that would ban transgender students from using the school bathrooms and locker rooms of the genders they identify with.The bill passed the state senate...

Our View: Missouri football players in the right

KS Editors November 8, 2015

Due to an influx of racially-charged incidents at the University of Missouri, 30 black football players publicly backed the resignation of University President Tim Wolfe, citing his inaction to stop these...

Our View: We should be educated voters on election day

KS Editors November 1, 2015

Election day is tomorrow and although it isn’t a large election, it's still important for students to get out there and vote.In a 2010 study done by CIRCLE, a non-partisan youth voting research center...

Our View: Hackathons are a must

Kent Stater editors October 11, 2015

This weekend, hackers took over the library for Kent Hack Enough (KHE) – a 36-hour long hackathon where students built everything from games to automated coffee machines to compete for prizes.The event...

Our view: Still a violent society requiring change

KS Editors October 4, 2015

Editor’s Note: This is the same Our View we ran in the Monday, Aug. 31, 2015, edition of The Kent Stater. The only difference we made is changing the lead from the shooting in Roanoke, Virginia, to Roseburg,...

Our View: Spotify exemplifies Pope-culture

KS Editors September 20, 2015

Out of the selection of online music streaming services, such as Pandora and Apple Music, we feel Spotify is more receptive toward college students for its features. Compared to other streaming services,...

Our View: Too soon for Parent’s Day

KS Editors September 13, 2015

This weekend the university became flooded with students and parents trailing the campus, showcasing new routines at the place they pour money at in return for receiving a proper education.However, we...

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