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Kent Wired

Opinion: Don’t typecast pit bulls

Los Angeles Times October 12, 2016

In 1986, the first dog ever to be used by the Los Angeles Police Department for narcotics detection died of liver cancer at the age of 10. His name was Frog. During his eight years on the force he was...

Guest Column: Teaching freedom of speech

Los Angeles Times April 5, 2016

Teaching a freshman seminar on freedom of speech on college campuses has made us aware of the urgent need to educate the current generation of students about the importance of the First Amendment. From...

Guest Column: Giving up on Exxon Mobil

Los Angeles Times February 28, 2016

My great-grandfather, John D. Rockefeller Sr., created the Standard Oil Company and I inherited shares in the companies it spun off, including Exxon Mobil. But this year I donated those shares to the nonprofit...

Guest Column: The other pollutants

Los Angeles Times February 14, 2016

Among climate scientists, the consensus is that we must become carbon-neutral by 2050 to avoid catastrophic environmental disruptions. Negotiators at the recent summit in Paris accordingly focused on curbing...

Guest Column: Climate change refugees

Los Angeles Times February 7, 2016

In the small town of Newtok, Alaska, a Yupik village of about 350 people, children once played on endless fields of frozen permafrost. Now, they splash in salt water pools and teeter on boardwalks as the...

Guest Column: Reining in the coal industry’s assault on public health

Lisa Garcia for LA Times April 15, 2015

One in five premature deaths are attributable to air pollution. Can EPA rules help?In late 2011, the Environmental Protection Agency issued its first-ever Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, or MATS, to...

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